Health and Safety

  • Student Safety

    Responsibility for the safety of students is the responsibility of every member of staff. A member of the Senior Leadership Team will have overall responsibility for leading the Health and Safety Committee which meets regularly to discuss the compliance with the school Health and Safety Policy.

    Students will be well monitored in the classrooms and supervised when they move around the school premises, during breaks by staff members, prefects and by the security guards. The school has an efficient arrangement for school transport and school bus supervisors will monitor students when they come and move out of the bus and school premises. All relevant safety certificates are to be  presented to the school management before contractors are allowed on the school site.


    Living a healthy lifestyle will be well promoted all throughout the school. Medical staff from the school clinic will conduct health education to students. Students will learn about healthy eating and hygiene in their Personal Social and Health Education lessons and during Class Time periods conducted by the counsellors and the class time teachers.  The snacks provided by the school canteen are consistent with the school health and safety policy and the regulation of the Dubai Health Authority on promotion of healthy choices.


    Your child’s health is important to us.

    The school clinic will be well equipped and will contain the Ministry of Health prescribed equipment. The clinic staff will conduct regular medical checks of the students and maintain medical records for each student systematically. Staff will be kept well informed of the medical conditions of their students. Medicines will be kept in the clinic and are administered accordingly by the clinic staff only.

    Students who are feeling unwell are able to access the clinic at any time once they have received appropriate permission.

    The school nurses are responsible for assessing and managing chronic and acute illnesses, carrying out first aid and emergency care for school-related injuries, intervening with current and potential health problems and promoting health and safety among the school community.

    All of the clinic staff are available to consult with parents as needed, regarding health related concerns, either in person, by telephone or via email.

    Students with additional health needs have the opportunity to speak the members of the clinic staff. There is also a form in the school diary where families will have to inform the school before the start of the year of any changes in the health of their children,