Foundation Stage EYFS

  • The Early Years in any school lays the foundation for future success.  The  curriculum planning for the EYFS will be based on the rationale, philosophy and principles which underpin the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum which is part of the statutory National Curriculum of England for the children of this age.  The EYFS includes FS1 (Pre-KG) and FS2 (KG1).

    Children can be admitted into FS1 if they are age 3 by September 1, or FS2 if they are age 4 by September 1.

    Our school fully supports the principle that young children learn through practical, active experiences but also by engaging in well-planned structured activities particularly for the acquisition of basic language and number skills.

    Provision will be planned around the Prime and Specific Areas of Learning as stipulated by the EYFS curriculum. We will use the Early Learning Goal Standards as set out in the English curriculum for the Early Years against which to measure the progress of our children.

    The St. Mary’s High School, RAK is genuinely committed to meeting the needs of children in the EYFS with quality and excellent learning experiences in mind. Innovative creative learning techniques and strategies combined with years of experience and expertise of teachers are the educational cornerstone of the EYFS. The EFYS program, aligned with the National Inspection Framework  standards and requirements, is focused on the holistic formation of the children. A wide range of learning experiences and fun-filled activities, including actual/hands-on learning, are considered the core of the instructional program. Parents and teachers collaborate to achieve the appropriate formation of the children. Each child is afforded  the right environment in learning taking into consideration his/her learning modalities,  needs, and interests to develop his/her talents , strengths , skills, and potentials.